Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Portrait

I got my portrait done today and would like everyone to comment on whether or not I got my moneys worth. It was very expensive and time consuming but I don't think they got my "best side". Let me know what you think.

I had this done today at Sam's Club, it was free and took about five mins. I thought it was so funny I just had to share it. lol I hope I at least made you smile. ta ta for now!


Susan Hill said...

Hmm, darling!!!! That is cute! Well, if you had a whole pack of M&M's it would be about $.89 so hopefully that's all you spent! LOL JK, Cute!!

Misti Wiley said...

This is soooo cute!!!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

Hey Candi,
Yeah, I’d defiantly say you got your money’s worth. ;) That’s probably the best M&M portrait I’ve ever seen. Lol.
Thanks for the comment on my blog. You were the very first one! It amazes me how fast things have gone too. I mean, it has taken a lot of work over the past year, but when I sit back and realize that it has almost been exactly one full year since I got the call I can hardly believe it.
Yep, God is definitely amazin’… :)
Have a great day!

Kevin Hopper said...

Hello Candi from one of your long lost cousins! very good picture! :)