Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This is a story I wrote for Easter, I thought I would
share it with everyone. We used it as a play.

“The Man with a kind face”

Hello, my name is Leara. I would like to tell you my story if you have the time. I remember one day my family and I was walking, and we realized there was a huge crowd of people. There was no way of telling what they were trying to see so we went closer to find out what was going on. We saw a Man sitting on a rock. In getting closer, I instantly I knew He was no ordinary man. He had the kindest face and eyes I had ever seen. Well, I have to say, I wanted to go to Him. I wanted Him to see me. I was kind of scared to go closer because the Man was teaching that big crowd, and me being a little girl, I didn’t want to bother Him. I couldn’t help it. I finally asked my parents if I could go to him and they said it would be ok. Others must have been thinking the same thing because other kids started toward Him at the same time. I became so excited to be getting nearer the man with the kind face. We were near the Man when suddenly His friends told us we couldn’t come any closer to Him “The
Master” they called Him. I could believe that, just from looking into His eyes. Anyway, as soon as The Masters friends shooed us off, The Master Himself told them to let us come. Do you know He picked each one of us up and put us on His lap, one at a time. That made us all feel so special. He changed my life that day. I could see and feel love from The Master that I had never felt before.
I said all that to explain the reason I am crying now. You see, since then I have heard stories about healings and miracles that The Master has done. Every story I heard, His love was mentioned. I even learned His name. Jesus. I never heard anything bad about Him that is why I don’t understand what happened a few days ago.
There was a lot of yelling going on my dad wouldn’t even let me out of the house. Dad told me what happened though. He said the crowd got out of control and Jesus, the Man that changed my life, was beaten, then they hung Him on a cross to let Him die. Dad wouldn’t tell me everything. I guess he thinks I’m too young to know what all they did to Jesus. What I do know is,
He died. Someone put Him in a tomb behind me two days ago. I came here to see for myself that the stories were true. They were true alright, not only was Jesus put in the tomb, but there are guards in front. I am so sad, He did nothing to anyone but love them. Really love them. Now He is dead.
I didn’t realize how long I’ve been sitting here. It must be close to sun rise.
At sunrise Jesus comes from behind, stretches out his hand, pulls her to her feet. She says: Your eyes your face, Jesus, You’re alive. My dad said you were dead.

Jesus turned to her and said,see My hands, My feet,see the nail prints? I was dead, but don’t cry, I am alive. He hugs her,sits down and puts her on his lap.


Karen Hopper said...

Very touching post. I am glad you shared it with us.

Candi The Clown said...

Thank you Aunt Karen, I have been encouraged to write a continuation to that story. (if I coulds slow down & do it)lol. It was fun doing it.

Susan Hill said...

Candi, this play turned our really sweet. It was for the small children in our Sunday School Dept. and it was good because it was more on their level. It was acted out with a narrator! Thanks for writing it!

Papaw&Cindy said...

That is a great story, you need to continue. I'm so glad your enjoying the kids ministry, it's a special gift.
Your blog is really cute.

Love ya,
Dad & Cindy

Candi The Clown said...

Hi Dad and Cindy, I am enjoying the blog so far,glad you liked the story, Love & miss you, Candi