Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Canny!

As most of you know, my sister and Cherish was sick for a week or so, well I tried to help my sister as much as I could and prayed. Cherish kind of worried us and ended up at the Hospital for a little while to get re hydrated. I was working on Tuesday, and I heard canny canny at first I was confused about what I was hearing. I turned, and there was Cherish, all excited to see canny. Susan and Stephen had to go get something else and on the way back Susan said she said my canny, my canny. Here I was worried about her, and here she ( they) came and surprised me at work and made my day. I am so thankful to the Lord, and to everyone who prayed for Susan and Cherish. It was hard on me to see them sick and not be able to make them well.


Misti Wiley said...

Cherish just has a way of making you feel special, huh!

Karen Hopper said...

Cherish has a way to make one melt. Glad you are back blogging. Missed you.

Candi The Clown said...

Yes Misti, I have to agree.

Yes Aunt Karen, all she has to do is look at me and say pease and grab my hand & it's over, she's got