Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Through The Storm

Thank You, friends
Who've walked with me
And helped me face the storm
I've felt every prayer prayed for strength
And that's why I am here
Lord, show me someone
whose storm will soon arrive
And let me walk with them
And pray them through their storm


Susan Hill said...

Our storms can always be a wonderful blessing to others, we then know that God brings us through and we can tell others that the day will become clear if we just hold on during the hardest winds and rain! We will again see the worst of storms, in those times we must remember that He has never failed us yet! Glad you finally posted! You told me at Christmas that you post "All the time, now!" I watch continually, it's been 6 weeks! LOL

April Renee said...

That's what friend do...
We walk together in happy times, sad times, diets, fads, new hair dos, and rough times. We watch each other grow, chage, (and not just sizes :0) ). Really, when you live for God, friends are also family. Thats why when one hurts, we all SHOULD hurt, when one rejoices, we all SHOULD rejoice,when one falls we SHOULD NOT glory in that fall.
And when my sister walks through a storm, you better believe I'm gonna walk right next to her and be what ever she needs me to be. Prayer partner, shoulder to cry on, or to lean on. I'll hold her hands up if she is tired so victory will be hers in the battle. We are not islands unto our selves.
I love ya Candi!!!!
Thanks for being there being there in my storm!!!

<3 Nannette & Katrina said...

Hey you!
You finally posted!!!! Just wanted to let you know I love you and am praying for you! :o)

<3 Nann

Candi The Clown said...

You are right Sis, it seemed I got to where it was easier to enjoy and grow from your blog than write on

Lately, April has got me addicted to E A and I have been posting on there, (but only lately).

April, thank you for your friendship and all you do.

*And to my sweet girls* Thank you for the prayers, God is awesome, isn't He? Love You All!